Organic Marketing for Fintech & Financial Services

95% of your audience is not shopping for your services. Let's make sure they think of you when they are.

While performance marketing can deliver immediate ROI for capturing in-market prospects, your financial brand is taking a massive risk if you ignore the far, far larger segment of the audience that are not looking to buy what you offer right now. Organic marketing focuses on cementing your brand in the minds of the entire audience, so that your company is top of mind and easy to recall when they are ready. Organic marketing is the core foundation of most fintech & financial marketing programs, made up of the channels, tools, and tactics you can use to cultivate prospects over time for sustained growth.

Our Organic Marketing services include:

Digital Marketing Strategy
Marketing Campaign Creation
Marketing Program Development
Content Marketing
SEO Services
Social Media Marketing
Email Marketing
Marketing Automation
Nurture & Retention
Referral Programs

Build an Organic Marketing Foundation

We work with financial services and fintech companies to help scale digital marketing programs, refine and optimize existing programs, or even build new marketing programs from scratch. These clients understand the value that is derived from those foundational marketing activities, growing and nurturing your audience steadily over time. And it all starts with a clear strategic foundation and plan.

Building off the strategy we develop, we outline and craft the essential elements of the tactics and channels that are deemed most likely to succeed for your audience and market. From the search engine optimization (SEO) of your website to garner and grow “free” traffic over time, to content marketing and development distributed via email, social media and other tactics, programs and marketing campaigns are set up and managed over time to engage your audience and steadily build interest and value.

Whether you are looking to build upon your current success or revamp and modernize your marketing programs, we will work with you to determine a path forward to meet your goals. Building a holistic marketing program that includes organic marketing, paid media advertising, and experience design – all based upon thoughtful digital marketing and brand strategy – can serve as your springboard to sustained growth. Let us help you spread the word as to how you can help improve the financial picture of your B2B or B2C target audience.

Organic Marketing: Engage Your Audience Effortlessly, Powerfully, Organically

When you stumble across something organically, maybe a fantastic neighborhood restaurant, a new artist, or a hidden gem vacation spot, it feels pretty great, right?

You haven’t had the hard sell put on you. It’s all your own discovery—maybe with the help of a recommendation from a friend, but, still, it’s a “natural” find.

Your brand’s audience feels exactly the same, and that’s where organic marketing comes in. It isn’t the only way to market your financial services or fintech business, but it’s a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal.

What is Organic Marketing?

The short version? Organic marketing is made up of the tools and tactics you use to generate leads in a way that doesn’t involve paying for advertising.

If you’re looking for a longer, in-depth explanation, read on…

Today’s consumers are used to the same old marketing from the usual suspects. To really pique their interest you need to work differently and give them more. First of all you need to make sure they know about you in the first place, and then you need to keep them interested. Keeping them engaged isn’t always that easy, but it’s best achieved with a solid organic marketing strategy.

Getting your potential customers’ attention in an organic way means they come to you and don’t feel like they’ve been sold to. Your audience starts to build in a gradual, natural way, and as long as you continue to engage with them in the right way, you’ll grow a connected and interested community.

Organic Marketing vs Paid Marketing – Which is Best for Your Brand?

Organic marketing isn’t a quick fix. In fact, when planning an organic marketing strategy we’ll be looking at the coming weeks, months, even years to get optimum results. That’s because it’s a gradual process, drawing potential customers into your business, delivering value, and building relationships. After all, the best relationships take time to build, don’t they?

The aim is to increase traffic to your website, generate leads, and achieve high conversion rates. And done organically it just won’t happen overnight. But when it does happen through organic means, it’s often stronger and longer-lasting. You’ll have created such an interest in your audience that they’ll naturally want to visit your website and you’ll be at the front of their mind when they’re in the market for your services—or when their friends and family are.

The benefits of paid marketing include being able to reach more people in a shorter amount of time and being able to laser focus on a particular demographic. There are benefits to both forms of marketing. The CSTMR team has the experience, creativity, and smarts to craft a unique strategy that will work best for your business, which, for maximum effect, will be a combination of organic and paid marketing.

Here are some of the most relevant organic marketing tactics that will work hard for your business:

Content Marketing

Financial services content marketing covers a broad range of content types. From blog posts to infographics, from social media posts to eBooks, as long as what you’re putting out there is relevant and engaging, you’ll start to build an interested audience of potential customers who appreciate the value you’re giving them.

It’s not about directly selling your products and services, it’s about positioning your brand as an expert in the fintech or financial services arena. The right content draws your target audience in and shows them that you understand their problems…and that you’ve got the solutions. Once they’ve found your content you can nurture them all the way from leads to customers to lifetime loyalty.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Note that we mentioned above the need for your audience to find your content in the first place. That’s partly where Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, comes in. Optimizing your content so it’s easy to find when potential customers are looking via search engines is an integral part of an organic marketing strategy.

And while we realize the basics of SEO are fairly well-known, the world of SEO strategy and best practices is one that evolves at a rapid rate. Making sure your content is optimized using the most up-to-date tools and tactics is key for a successful SEO campaign. And SEO touches on pretty much every part of an overall strategy, so it’s important to integrate it throughout.

Social Media Marketing

A social media presence is no longer a nice bonus if you have the spare time and budget. Pretty much the whole world is active on at least one of the most common platforms, from LinkedIn to Instagram, so your brand needs to be seen. And it’s not just fintech companies and challenger brands, even the most traditional financial institutions are active on social media these days.

While there is plenty of scope for paid social media marketing that you can target to specific audience segments, organic marketing on the platforms is also incredibly valuable. You might have to work harder to see results, but the higher quality your content is, the more success you’ll have across the board.

Email Marketing and Marketing Automation

Email marketing is your brand arriving right in your audience’s inboxes. The aim here is to be a welcome visitor bringing them valuable, useful information, not one that makes them immediately hit UNSUBSCRIBE. While a particularly direct form of marketing, it’s still part of an overall organic marketing strategy.

With so much information and content arriving in our inboxes every day it’s important to make your emails both seen and appreciated. From crafting just the right subject line to the design of the email once it’s opened, email marketing can inspire your audience to take action.

You can automate and optimize your email marketing to great effect, things like welcome emails and personalized offers. But there’s more to marketing automation than just emails. You can make use of multiple channels and mediums. Think about social media automation, building and managing your databases and lists, and so much more. With the right technical know-how and support, pretty much every corner of your marketing ecosystem can be automated.

Nurture and Retention

So you’ve got your audience’s attention with your organic marketing strategy. Now what?

Nurture those leads, that’s what.

They need cultivating and nurturing, just like your favorite plants, to avoid them just dropping off. Just because your organic marketing has been a success and generated leads, that’s only half the story. You need to show them more about who you are as a brand, and the value your services will bring them.

Continuing to offer content that adds value to their lives, not just promotes your brand, is the best way of nurturing those leads. Making sure you understand and action the strategies listed above, along with any creative or technical work needed to support these services, is crucial to organic lead nurturing and retention.

As experts in the fintech and financial services space, CSTMR can craft a bespoke organic marketing strategy that’s designed with only you and your customers in mind. Working hand-in-hand with paid marketing services and other aspects of successful growth campaigns, we can take your brand to exactly where it needs to be.

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