Email Marketing Campaigns that Drive Results

Nurture, inform, excite – deliver value through email that your audience finds irresistible.

Whether nurturing potential customers or keeping current ones in the loop, crafting a thoughtful, end-to-end email marketing strategy is a critical component for fintech and financial services brands and any digital marketing strategy. Bring consistency and cohesion to your email marketing program with an approach built to boost click-through rates and ultimately, conversions and retention.

Our Email Marketing services include:

Email Strategy & Program Development

Email Automation & Integration

Email Campaign Creation & Management 

List Management

Mobile/HTML Email Templates

Reporting, Testing & Optimization

Content & Newsletter Distribution

Build a Stronger Following

Connect with your ideal prospects while providing an improved customer and community experience with your brand. With a process tailored to deliver the right message at the right time to the right contact, our email marketing team has a solid history of building successful campaigns for fintech and financial services brands. We take the time to understand your company’s vision and goals, so we can help you build unique, strategic campaigns that inspire action.

By combining best practices for email design, content, delivery, and automation—you can cut through the clutter of even the busiest inbox. With a focus on engaging your most important audiences, you can use email to clearly communicate your value proposition to prospects and continue to deliver high value to your subscribers and customers. We gather data from previous email marketing and drip campaigns and adjust our strategies based on relevant key performance metrics, such as: growth of subscribers, email open rates, most compelling content, and the volume of user engagements. By analyzing the performance of past email marketing campaigns and testing new approaches over time, our team delivers consistent growth for user engagement, email/newsletter subscribers, and overall ROI.

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