An online-based mortgage broker service, offering the lowest rates and highest transparency in the market.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Identity Development
  • UX/Design
  • Web Development
  • Paid Media Advertising
  • SEO

Borrower-Centric Mortgage Marketplace Launches to Immediate Success

The Challenge

SELFi is a modern mortgage marketplace on a mission to help people achieve financial freedom sooner with lower interest rates, more loan programs, and better advice. It was born out of the desire to help American homeowners save money through the mortgage refinancing process and was founded on three core values: transparency, education, and freedom.

Still in the concept-phase of development—and a pioneer in the industry—SELFi recognized itself as an industry disruptor that needed to build a proof-of-concept business model before fully launching into the market. As an alternative to traditional mortgage lenders, SELFi sought to offer online-only services that would help homeowners save money. On top of introducing a new mortgage concept, SELFi had to contend with it’s startup status and no name recognition.

To be successful, SELFi needed to:

  • Develop a visual identity to reflect their personality and professionalism.
  • Establish trust and build credibility as a new name in the market.
  • Create a strong brand presence and consistent voice.
  • Build a fully online mortgage refinancing process.
  • Develop a secure online platform that would allow users to confidently submit highly personal information.

After interviewing ten different marketing agencies—and receiving quotes from five—SELFi chose to partner with CSTMR.


  • Develop and launch a new brand
  • Design and build an initial website experience
  • Implement a custom API integration for mortgage rates
  • Set up an initial program for paid media advertising to test lead generation

The Solution

CSTMR’s team of strategists, developers, designers, and creatives collaborated alongside the client to ensure SELFi’s successful and timely launch. After creating a brand identity that included a custom color scheme, logo, and illustrations—CSTMR aligned these assets to design and develop the first ever SELFi website. Conversational, yet professional, messaging complemented the brand’s visual identity, and was tailored around SELFi’s three core values.

To assist SELFi in building a fully online refinancing process, CSTMR developed a secure loan application and portal where borrowers could submit sensitive information with confidence. Keeping budgetary restrictions top of mind, CSTMR implemented a paid media strategy and trained SELFi’s team on how to do it moving forward.

Throughout the engagement, CSTMR regularly communicated and collaborated with SELFi’s internal team and outside resources to ensure the most successful outcome. The agency continues to provide ongoing website support and consulting on an as-needed basis.

"What separates CSTMR from other marketers, designers, developers is their strong domain knowledge in financial service."


Millions in Savings for Customers

Without a large, up-front investment, SELFi was able to build a proof-of-concept business and test its viability in the market. In the short time since it launched, SELFi has already helped U.S. homeowners save, on average, an extra $153 a month compared to if they had refinanced with a large bank or conventional lender. That’s nearly $25 million in savings over the life of those loans, money that would have been extra profit for the lenders—which furthers part of SELFi’s mission to pull the curtain back on the traditional mortgage industry. The website reflects the company’s values, identity, and personality while instilling trust and confidence in visitors.

From the SELFi CEO:

  • “Because of the guidance CSTMR provided and the site they built for us, real people are now saving money buying or refinancing a home.”
  • “We didn’t go with the lowest priced agency. We went with the agency that gave a fair quote and that showed us they understood our business and our budget as a self-funded startup.”

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