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CSTMR (pronounced “customer”) is a team of skilled digital strategists, marketers, creatives, designers, and developers. Our team is fully remote and we work primarily from home offices, but also occasionally from coffee shops, co-work spaces, cars, RVs, redwood forests, and mountain huts.

Some of us can be found rescuing animals off U.S. city streets, while others are out exploring mountain tops and new cultures around the world. It doesn’t matter where we sit down to work—but that we take ownership for our clients’ success and deliver on our promise of exceptional quality every single day.

We may be distributed geographically, but we are a connected, cohesive team. 

It takes a hearty dose of discipline and commitment to be successful in this environment. We’re looking for someone who picks up the phone when it rings. Who does their homework without being asked, and shows up prepared for meetings. Who never hesitates to help out a fellow team member, and make each other better. And who doesn’t just commit to a project, task or deadline—but delivers with aplomb.

If it sounds like we’re describing you, and you’ve got the chops, desire, and heart to be part of a talented group of achievers—we want you on our team!

Our mission is clear

CSTMR steers clients to be unique, different, better, and above all — not boring. That’s how we help financial services companies grow by standing out from the everyday ho-hum. And digital work for financial and fintech clients is all we do. Pretty easy to remember, and even easier to sell our expertise.

The work is meaningful

Financial wellbeing means something different to everyone, but our communities need it to thrive. By making financial services more accessible, understandable, and fair to anyone, we can help make life better for everyone. We help startups succeed and established companies grow – companies that have the power to make a positive difference financially in people’s lives. We truly are making a difference in the world.

Your passion is welcomed

You get to bring your true self to work every day – we’ve learned that bringing together a diverse group of people and minds from around the globe means we make each other better. (And did we mention that we are, and have always been, fully remote?)

What’s important to us

  • Trust
  • Reliability
  • Kindness
  • Commitment
  • Accountability
  • Creating results
  • Gratitude
  • Growth
  • It should go without saying, “Always do the right thing!”

Current openings

If this sounds like a fit, we’d love to meet you. We invite you to review the contractor positions below and send us a message.

Free Marketing Consultation

Start by discussing your digital marketing outlook with CSTMR’s CEO, Rory Holland in a consultation call. We will share insights and guidance, and see if we are a good fit to help your organization grow.

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