Marketing Automation for Financial Services

Auto-pilot sure is handy, as long as the team behind it knows how to fly the marketing plane.

It won’t take your dog out for a walk (or, will it, Alexa?), but with marketing automation, your financial services company is able to dynamically handle quite a few regular marketing and advertising tasks that will free up your team to focus on more strategic priorities – and spend less time on the nuts and bolts of your marketing program. Whether you use a CRM such as Hubspot, or other automation tools, we can help you get it right.

Our Marketing Automation services include:

Automation Strategy and Planning

Marketing Software Management

HubSpot Certified Platinum Agency

Inbound Marketing

CRM Database Configuration

Automated Workflows and Rules

Website Integration

Email Marketing Strategy

Build trust with prospects and speed up sales

Customer trust is hard to earn. This is especially true for fintech and financial services brands. While there’s a lot your company should be doing to bridge this gap, marketing automation is one of the most important.

By automatically delivering relevant email sequences, content, or social media actions that match a prospect’s needs and interests, marketing automation helps nurture relationships, build trust, and create personalized connections without constant manual intervention.

When done right, marketing automation can lead to shorter sales cycles and increased customer retention for your fintech or financial services brand.

HubSpot Certified Experts

While our team has worked across a variety of automated CRM, email, and social media tools, we have a particular depth of expertise in HubSpot as a Certified Agency.

We believe HubSpot’s full-service marketing platform provides powerful features and a superior user experience over CRMs such as Salesforce or Marketo. HubSpot gives you the power to attract visitors through blogging, social media, ads, and more. Convert visitors into customers with landing pages, email marketing campaigns, marketing automation, ABM, and more. Track ROI with revenue attribution reporting. All powered by the customer data in your CRM to enable personalization at scale.

HubSpot can transform marketing campaigns and programs, but it takes an experienced, agile agency to execute content, make the necessary landing page adjustments, analyze the data, and create the inbound marketing strategies that maximize output and investment.

Marketing automation—coupled with thoughtful strategy—is a highly efficient and effective way to earn new business and keep a strong bond with your current clients and followers. As a HubSpot Platinum Agency, we can help your financial services company leverage the power of marketing automation through this robust and premier platform – as well as their sales and support tools as well. Our team of HubSpot marketing experts weave marketing automation into the holistic strategies we develop for our clients. 

From welcome emails, social media postings, notice of new blog content, to offers tailored to their self-selected interests—CRM automation pulls data from multiple channels to create a personalized customer experience for every person, every time.

Looking to grow, optimize, or launch your financial services marketing?