Build, Rebuild, or Refresh: WordPress Web Development

Websites that are thoughtfully built, easy to use, SEO optimized, straightforward to edit and publish content sure do make marketers happy.

While it may not be the first thing you think of when developing a digital marketing plan, web development for financial services and fintech companies plays a part in supporting your marketing goals. When done well, it can create efficiency and empower your web managers and publishers, boost organic growth through SEO, and provide security for your digital assets. Through our specialization in Wordpress, we know how to leverage the world’s largest web development ecosystem to produce effective sites your visitors will find valuable.

Our Web Development services include:

Website development strategy

Information architecture

Navigation planning

Custom WordPress web development

Website hosting management

Responsive web development

Third-party integrations

Technical SEO strategy and implementation

Site migration services

WordPress orientation & training

Web Development: Building Effective and Easy-to-Manage Sites

Before beginning any web development work for our financial services clients, the most important item for us to define is the digital marketing strategy. This strategy guides and informs all of our work, including our web strategy, design, and development decisions – ensuring all marketing efforts are aligned and working in concert.

Once the digital marketing strategy is set, our web developers work with our web design, SEO, and UX design team members to begin gathering specific website goals and requirements from our clients. Our developers focus on helping to define site architecture, functional needs, integration requirements, and any unique or customized aspects of the site. Then we plan out our development approach, from page template considerations to software recommendations.

Specialists in WordPress Web Development

Our preferred platform for building marketing websites is WordPress. Over the years, we’ve built, rebuilt, and maintained dozens of WordPress websites for financial services companies. From banks and lenders to fintech startups, our web development team has worked in WordPress to deliver the web experience and marketing value companies need to thrive and grow.

Why WordPress?

As an agency, we decided to focus on building a deep expertise in one robust resource that best allowed us to maintain an effective balance with the digital marketing strategy and demands of websites. WordPress proved to be the clear choice – it is the world’s largest website development and content management ecosystem, it is open source, and highly customizable and flexible. The vast amount of available software and third-party integration options alone make WordPress a very smart, efficient choice for websites. And, it was the platform requested most by clients.

WordPress Web Hosting

Combining WordPress with a smart web hosting option is the best way we find to set our clients up for success. We strongly recommend a “Managed” WordPress hosting solution, such as WP Engine who specialize in WordPress website hosting and understands it intimately, including optimal configurations, development environments, automated backups and software updates, security monitoring, and best-of-class customer and technical support.

Our process has been refined down to a core set of best practices as the starting point, and the understanding of how to flex WordPress to make it work for many different client situations and set of requirements. We implement custom visual designs and unique functionality, build integrations with components such as online banking and CRM systems, and provide easy-to-use editing and site building tools.

Get Started With Web Development

Whether you are building, reimagining, or optimizing a website, find out how our web design, strategy work, web development, and related services can help meet your financial services company’s goals. Grab a time to chat with us!

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