An online exchange that allows consumers to buy discounted gift cards or sell unwanted gift cards for cash.

Services Provided

  • UX Design
  • Visual Design
  • Mobile App Design
  • Video Design & Production

Leading Online Gift Card Exchange Upgrades Brand, Platforms

The Challenge

Cardpool, owned by Blackhawk Networks, was a gift card exchange that makes it easy for anyone to safely and securely buy discounted gift cards or sell unwanted gift cards for cash. From 2009 to 2020, Cardpool helped its customers save over $40 million.

Their website had not been updated in a long time — its style paled in comparison to the competition, it didn’t position their brand and offerings well, and they offered no mobile experience to consumers. In addition, they also needed to roll out an iOS mobile app and in-store kiosks in the same new site style.


  • Redesign website and user experience
  • Plan and design a new Cardpool iOS app
  • Design and produce branded in-store kiosk experiences

The Solution

CSTMR partnered with Cardpool’s marketing, product, development, and UX staff to plan, design and launch the user experience and new brand style for a mobile-responsive website, an iOS mobile app, a kiosk card-selling app and videos. In the process, we helped introduce new features and functionality to extend their business offerings to consumers, particular mobile users and in-store revenue opportunities.

"I turned to CSTMR to provide UX, design and conversion strategy and execution. Not only do they deliver thoughtful UX/design, they understand our audience and what it takes to engage and convert them. They have consistently created high quality work and have been extremely dependable in delivering a variety of projects on time and on budget. I recommend them to anyone looking to enhance their UX, creative and conversions."


New & Updated Digital User Experiences

CSTMR designed, launched, and optimized the new website and consumer insurance quote engine to establish a foundation for growth.

  • Re-designed new mobile-responsive website experience and brand style
  • Designed a new iOS mobile app
  • Designed and produced in-store kiosk screen UX and videos

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