Flyp Financial

is a neobank that incorporates a sense of community, social engagement, and gaming to help consumers better manage their finances.

Neobank exceeds customer acquisition goals by 80%, with a CAC 56% below goal

Flyp makes Finance fun. Every time a Flyp user swipes their card, they have the chance to win rewards by playing simple games, such as spinning a virtual wheel. Their goal was (and is) to build a new financial ecosystem—one that is social, inclusive, and fun.

Our initial assignment was to introduce the brand, and drive people to sign up for a waiting list to become one of Flyp’s first users. And while Flyp’s product offered a lot of advantages – a digital wallet and debit card with no credit check, and no hidden fees – the key to compete was to focus on the true differentiator: fun.


  • 10,000 sign ups to a prelaunch waiting list
  • Customer acquisition cost of less than $30 across paid channels


Flyp makes finance fun? Finance isn’t fun. It’s bankers in gray suits, hidden fees, and avoidance.

Au contraire. Flyp is creating something you might call Funance. But how to introduce that counterintuitive idea?

The marketing campaign started by defining the audience most receptive to Flyp’s offering – younger, fun-seeking people starting their financial life. Every time a Flyp user swipes their debit card, they have a chance to win rewards by playing simple games, such as spinning a virtual wheel.


"The team at CSTMR is fun, creative, and really knows their business. They helped us hone our message and craft a relevant marketing campaign to reach our audience – and the results exceeded our goals!"


If fun was the hook, the marketing had to be bright, humorous, and not at all banky. It needed to cut-through and make people want to sign-up.

Everything from the website, emails, social media and blog posts led with the idea of making finance fun. Starting with the website look, feel, color scheme, and language, Flyp did not feel like a typical finance business.

Paid media, influencer campaigns, referral and partner programs, blog articles, organic social, and overall PR efforts built an audience of prospects interested in what Flyp does, and gently guided them to become customers.

We also helped them track the user journey inside the Flyp app, optimizing paid media campaigns for customers who pass “know your customer” (KYC) identity verification.


Debit card sign up success

  • Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) under $17
  • Achieved 18,000 signups (80%+ above goal)
  • 62% increase in organic social in just six months

Prelaunch signups were 80% above goal. An active, vibrant social media community. And customer acquisition cost at 56% below target.

Success like that is fun.

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