Credit Karma

A personal finance / credit management and education platform for consumers.

Services Provided

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Content Marketing
  • Conversion Optimization
  • UX Design

How Credit Karma boosted conversions through content

The Challenge

Credit Karma offers a suite of financial services that include personalized offers for credit cards and loans, as well as free credit monitoring and support.

Credit Karma’s editorial team needed to develop a conversion rate optimization strategy to drive sign-ups. After vetting several marketing firms, they partnered with CSTMR.

As a well-established brand with extensive marketing, Credit Karma reached out to CSTMR for help developing and implementing a holistic, systematized conversion rate optimization program that would meet the following goals.


  • Optimize editorial pages (receiving four(4) million+ monthly page views)
  • Optimize their website to maximize conversions
  • Build a strong interlinking conversion strategy
  • Better understand CTA button placement and overall best practices
  • Optimize sidebar layout for revenue and conversion

The Solution

CSTMR provided one-on-one guidance throughout the entire engagement, providing conversion rate optimization strategies, implementation, and oversight. Members from CSTMR’s testing and optimization team integrated with Credit Karma’s existing editorial team to complete research and analysis, deliver a complete packaged strategy, and support its execution with strategic input and guidance.

"Definitely great insights from a team with such a high level of expertise in conversion rate optimization."

Months following the implementation of the new conversion rate optimization strategy, the Credit Karma team shared key takeaways and insights gleaned from the experience working with CSTMR:

  • “We saw conversions jump up as high as 50% with the new strategy.”
  • “Impactful experience working with CSTMR.”
  • “We learned things that we can use on an ongoing, long-term basis.”


A Better Optimized Content Channel

The approach and strategy proved invaluable to the Credit Karma editorial and web teams. And the results generated included:


Boost in CTA clicks


Increase in click-throughs on Content calls-to-action – Set 1


Increase in click-throughs on Content calls-to-action – Set 2

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