Oh Yes, We Did: CSTMR Fintech Holiday Rap

Oh Yes, We Did: CSTMR Fintech Holiday Rap

Marketing Rap

Is it possible that this is the FIRST EVER Fintech Marketing Rap?  We think it could be. Lauren Zuniga is a recent addition to the CSTMR Team as a Hubspot Specialist and we’re guessing she probably rues the day she told us she knows how to rap.  What can we say?  We’re a team full of people with many talents.

Happy holidays and Happy New Year to everyone out there from the CSTMR team!

CSTMR Fintech Holiday Rap

Yo Yo, it’s the C to the S to the T-M-R,
Say Cust-o-mer if you know who
we are. 

We keep yr channels full/
your content fresh,
We got SEO/ for your CMS 

Customer win/ every A/B test

We blowin’ up your IG,
Got your logo on towels
Too busy gettin you leads
to mess with the vowels,

It’s that B2B Australia to Dallas,
We’ll help you KYC if you allow us

Said we fintech you heard it,
you banking as service,
you lend it, insure it, 

We market and serve it,
Feed it and blurb it,
Convert it to purchase, 

Your wallet deserve it,
Just get bigger purses

Whitney Wingerd
Whitney Wingerd
Whitney is CSTMR's Head of Content & Social Media. She has two decades of experience working as an influencer, in digital and social media marketing, that she utilizes in guiding our Content marketing team.

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