Fintech Marketer: Week #48

Fintech Marketer: Week #48

Move along, Dr. Evil

One million dollars may seem like a lot in the 1960s’ Austin Powers universe, but if you’re frozen and wake up in 2021 AD, you’ll quickly learn that $150 billion is where it’s actually at. That’s how much is projected to be invested in Fintech over the next five years, according to a new PricewaterhouseCoopers report. And while that may sound like a good thing, many traditional financial types are actually quite scared.

Navigating that tightrope

There’s a fine balance to walk between the security of regulation and the freedom of innovation, and that’s a reality in today’s rapidly developing tech landscape. Tech services such as Uber, Airbnb and fintech startups are sprouting up so fast that the law can barely keep up. Australia, for one, plans to implement a “regulatory sandbox” scheme where young startups enjoy the freedom of movement before needing to comply once they grow up.

Blockchain gets schooled

Blockchain tech typically is associated with the world of finance for the ability to cryptically transfer money – sometimes in the form of Bitcoin – from one fiscal body to another. But there are some non-financial benefits to the technology as well, such as in public schools where academic records can be saved safely in the cloud and accessed anytime, anywhere.

Corporations are people, too

In B2C marketing, knowing your buyer persona is essential to success. But for B2B, the game changes because you’re now dealing with companies, not just people. This means a focus on the company persona – i.e. what are the company’s choices, actions, behaviors? Access to this detailed firmographic data – and analyzing it – can mean the difference between a lackluster B2B campaign and a great one.

Have content, will travel

Do you find it hard to resist talking about your product or service in marketing? Then shut it, and try content marketing – rather than telling people that you’re the best, show them you know what you’re talking about. You can do that by telling stories that make an impression on your audience and gain their trust – and the travel industry offers a rich source of inspiration.

Until next week, keep an eye out for Fembots!

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Jack Macy
Jack Macy is one of the co-founders of CSTMR. His background and experience span branding, marketing strategy, design, UX, and technical development across financial services, technology, healthcare, and nonprofits.

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