FinTech Marketer: Week #44

FinTech Marketer: Week #44

wildwest001Wild West or the Man?

The Wild West was often based around one theme: every man for himself. The law is a jungle, and only the strong survive. The Fintech movement, like all the other e-revolutions before it, is opening doors to an unregulated wilderness where one CEO even talked about how he wanted to “kill banks.” Scary as it is, this wildness spawns innovation. But it also creates a dangerous environment which according to one writer needs some kind of regulation for long-term survival.

The art of making content

Marketing means pushing boundaries and testing new waters to see if a message succeeds in drawing an audience. This is especially so in content marketing, and General Electric has turned it into an art form. Here’s an interview with a global marketing manager at GE on all things drones, brand DNA, Wattpad and other elements of the craft.

Let’s all get together for some ledgering

At the end of 2015, some of the heaviest hitters in the tech and financial lineups – including IBM, JP Morgan and the London Stock Exchange – gathered to launch a new open source software project based around blockchain technology. Out of that came Hyperledger, a software still in progress that tracks the exchange of financial assets around the globe. Here’s the exciting bit – it’s free for you to try it out.

Turning Japanese

Blockchain technology is growing hand in hand with Fintech around the world, and its ripples are making some serious impact in the landscape. Try this: a banking group worth $1.5 trillion and the world’s third largest stock exchange are now working on blockchain technology – again, the Hyperledger Project.

Sorry, no free pizza here

It’s not just guaranteed pizza delivery within half an hour. In a hyperspeed marketing industry, people want to see results – and quickly, too. If you’re putting together an SEO strategy with specific expectations from your CMO to deliver by the end of the month, you’re feeling the pressure to perform. Normally, patience is the key, but luckily, there are ways to produce short-term results that will make your CMO nod approvingly.

Until next week, watch out for the man with no name…

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