FinTech Marketer: Week #42

FinTech Marketer: Week #42

lawyerKnow any lawyer jokes?

He advised Hillary Clinton on innovation when she was Secretary of State, so he knows a thing or two about burgeoning tech trends such as Uber, robots and big data, and their impact on society. So listen up, because in this new interview, tech policy expert Alec Ross talks especially about blockchain and how it’ll change society as we know it – including the potential elimination of lawyers.

Those damn millennials

Millennials aren’t just a bunch of skinny hipsters who share content – they’re actually a pretty savvy bunch. So savvy, in fact, that the only form of marketing that can make an impact on this generation is content marketing. Reason? Because it’s subtle rather than in-your-face, co-operative rather than coercive, and time-sensitive rather than time-hogging.

There’s a rating for everything

Bringing in a financial adviser raises one very, very important question, “Will I make/save more money with an adviser after all the fees I pay? Or am I better off managing my money on my own?” Well, there are websites for rating your professor and rating your website design – and now, rating your adviser [and a client of ours].

Can’t go wrong with cuteness

Why are there so many cute, happy babies in diaper commercials? Or fluffy kittens playing with toilet paper? Because they bring a warm, fuzzy feeling to potential consumers. That’s the idea behind making your PPC campaign a successful one – find the emotional connection with your audience, and the leads will soon follow.

Super fail

There’s m’lady, and then there’s Mlife. The former is an inside joke on Reddit, the latter the subject of a surprisingly successful marketing campaign leading up to and during Super Bowl XXXVI in 2002. Tom Brady may have been MVP that year and U2 stole the halftime show, but the Mlife campaign is hallmarked as one of the most wasted sure things in marketing history. You heard that right, m’lady.
Until next week, be nice to lawyers. Their time may be limited.

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