Finovate Fall 2015: Day 2 Recap + 8 Winners

Finovate Fall 2015: Day 2 Recap + 8 Winners

Another Finovate is history!Finovate Fall day 2

It was a couple of long days, as you can imagine with 70 seven minute demos taking place over two days. The quick pace and mostly high energy presentations keep it interesting, but there are definitely lulls each day. Towards the end of Day 2 the presenters really need to bring it.

The notoriously tough Finovate crowd can get punchy (and they did). However, between the goofy skits and live demonstrations, there is always enough entertainment to hold your interest even beyond the cool technologies on display.

But its the companies and technology that rules the day(s). If you’re unfamiliar, at the end of each Finovate the audience votes for ‘Best of Show’ based on the quality of their demo and the potential impact of their solution.

Of the 70 demos over 2 days, the eight winners were:

  • Blockstack – Allows financial services companies (and other enterprises) to build applications on a hosted blockchain. As (or should it be “if?”) the blockchain proves viable and secure within an enterprise environment, this has the most potential out of all of the winners to be a breakout company.
  • Dyme – Text-based savings tools aimed at the millennial set. There’s a big need to bring younger customers into the banking fold, and this is an interesting way to attack the problem.
  • Dynamics – Its credit card with buttons is really a programmable card of the future. Well, at least as long as plastic lasts (which will be a long while). But its the interface that keeps cards current with evolving standards, like EMV, NFC, etc.
  • Finanteq – Its a bird! Its a plane! Its SuperWallet! Finanteq’s SuperWallet includes banking, payments and m-commerce in a single mobile app. They’re trying to do a lot with one app, but a single platform to maintain and a single vendor for these services is really attractive to banks.
  • Hedgeable – Banking for millennials including gamefication on their ‘Alpha Club’ saving platform. Its private banking for everyone, and a demonstration of the strength of robo-investing. By removing the high priced advisors, you can open up financial services to a much broader audience.
  • HelloWallet – Interesting solution to help employees save for retirement. The idea of assisted ‘financial health’ will become more sophisticated as the technology is more widely used, but can offer a level of risk management rather than having employees go it alone.
  • SaleMove – A co-pilot for online customers, SaleMove puts your customer service reps alongside the customer with co-browsing, call-from-browser, etc. Strong focus on closing the sale as well.
  • Soundpays – A very cool technology that uses soundwaves to communicate transaction information. As a result, it can be used by consumers with any phone (ApplePay, Android Pay, etc.) and in multiple situations – POS, digital billboard, TV/radio. They will need to communicate how they keep these transactions secure, as I’m sure that will be on the mind of many consumers and SMBs.

Hard to argue with these selections, all hold great potential. I’m already looking forward to Finovate Spring!

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