Email Pre-Flight Checklist: Hit “Send” With Confidence

Email Pre-Flight Checklist: Hit “Send” With Confidence

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Do you frequently experience butterflies, perhaps even anxiety, before hitting the “send” button on your email campaigns?

You are not alone!

A simple mistake can mean more than just embarrassment for the sender. Broken links, unresponsive design, and subpar grammar (just to name a few common pitfalls) are guaranteed to frustrate email recipients. In a worst-case scenario, they will significantly impact the value of your fintech brand.

And yet, not to fear! CSTMR is here.

CSTMR Email Pre-flight checklist
Check these boxes off before you hit send!

CSTMR + HubSpot = Email Marketing Bliss

Did you know that CSTMR Fintech Marketing & Advertising recently achieved Platinum status with HubSpot’s Solutions Partner Program? 

A leading CRM platform, HubSpot offers a best-in-class suite of marketing automation, email, and other flexible marketing tools to take your email campaigns to the next level. As a Platinum partner and fintech expert, CSTMR is uniquely positioned to optimize your email marketing workflows.

To learn more about how CSTMR can help drive email ROI for your fintech brand, reach out today.

Picture of Whitney Wingerd
Whitney Wingerd
Whitney is CSTMR's Head of Content & Social Media. She has two decades of experience working as an influencer, in digital and social media marketing, that she utilizes in guiding our Content marketing team.

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