Best of the Week: Issue 9

Best of the Week: Issue 9

This week’s “Best Of” emphasizes the importance of studying user experience at the marketing side, and the growing expansion of mobile wallet services across borders. We also look at successful methods of marketing experiments to boost one’s understanding of the market, plus strong words from an experienced marketer who debunks growth hacking as a revolutionary practice. Finally, a new study finds that Mark Zuckerberg’s ongoing project still leads the way as the go-to social-media channel for brands worldwide.

Why Every Marketer Needs UX Experience

A user experience (UX) knowledge base and mindset are essential ingredients in any successful marketer’s tool chest. Optimizing your service for successful conversion as well as maximizing your brand experience and perception in the public psyche are among the reasons for the importance of utilizing UX in your overall marketing strategy. Read More

How To Run Better Marketing Experiments: A Growth Strategy

This comprehensive step-by-step process will assist individuals and teams in learning what works and what doesn’t in an overall marketing strategy. Speed and accuracy are emphasized in successfully knowing and understanding a target audience. Read More

9 Mobile Wallets Going Global

The advent of mobile internet technology now means a rapid growth in the online payment industry and a sharp decline in traditional credit-card, cash or check payments. Apple Pay, Sweden’s Seamless and France’s Orange Cash are three examples of successful mobile wallet services that have expanded their trade internationally. Read More

Growth Hacking Is So Old School

A former marketing vice president and current management consultant writes about the growing — or rather, trending — inclusion of “growth hacking” in everyday marketing practice, suggesting that it’s not necessarily the revolution in the game that some marketers are making it out to be. Rather, it’s just the latest attempt to redefine marketing using burgeoning new trends and strategies where the reality is that these new elements are simply additional strategies to be added to a vast and complex industry. Read More

STUDY: Majority of Global Brands Still Focus on Facebook

Facebook is still the social-media king when it comes to brand focus, according to social media analytics provider Quintly, which studied tens of thousands of users on its platform to reach its conclusions. The results are displayed neatly in a bar graph and spreadsheet with statistical results from 15 countries ranging from Argentina to the United States. Read More


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Rory Holland
Rory Holland is CEO and Co-Founder of CSTMR. For more than 20 years, he has made it his passion to help Fintech and financial companies leverage digital marketing and advertising to drive growth.

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