Best of the Week: Issue 4

Best of the Week: Issue 4

B2C Payments 10x Cheaper, the Golden Rules of Objective Product Testing, Paid Traffic Optimization

With more and more B2C payment startups getting traction, Bank Innovation shares their (safe) prediction that the increase in competition and better technologies will drive costs down. Also this week we have a variety of optimization resources, including an article on the 3 key metrics for optimizing paid traffic, an article on the 6 rules of staying objective while analyzing product test results, and more. Here are our 5 most popular articles and resources for the week:

Fintech 1,000: B2C Payments will be 10x cheaper but volumes will increase 10x

B2C eCommerce sales are expected to grow nearly 20%, and B2C payment companies (i.e. Stripe, Square, etc.) are starting to gain serious traction. The reality of these two statements means B2C payment fees will quickly decline. Bank Innovation gives us an inside look at the firms positioned to take advantage of the disruption, and what we can expect moving forward.
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6 Rules for Staying Objective in the Testing Phase

Product developers or designers that get emotionally attached to their creations are detrimental to the success of a product. It leads to poor decisions. We all get attached to the things we create, but when we’re unable to stay objective we miss the key insights that turn failures into successes. UX Mag lays out the 6 golden rules of the testing phase that help us stay objective.
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Comprehensive Review Of Usability And User Experience Testing Tools

Rapid innovation in MarTech has produced a plethora of tools that are empowering and overwhelming, all at the same time. The key is to develop a lean marketing stack with no overlap. If you are looking to add a usability testing tool to your stack, the good people at Smashing Magazine have the list for you.
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3 Metrics You Must Know to Optimize Your Paid Traffic

Patient pay-per-click optimization creates big wins (and lower customer acquisition costs) over time. While it does take time, when you know what to do and how to do it, those big wins happen sooner. CrazyEgg shares a useful “how-to” on the 3 key metrics for optimizing paid traffic.
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Tool of the Week: ClickTale

We are constantly on the look out for effective marketing tools that produce positive ROI. One of the best tools we’ve found for discovering what users are doing, and why they’re doing it, is ClickTale. It offers heat maps, visitor video playbacks, funnel visualization, form optimization, and more.
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