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Best of the Week: Issue 3

Best of the Week: Issue 3

FinTech Fundings, Tyranny of the MVP, and Google’s Life Saving Tool

The first quarter closed with a flood of funding to the FinTech sector, while intelligent online companies prepare for Google’s April 21st algorithm update by taking advantage of a convenient tool. Also, Jon H. Pittman shares a unique view on the pitfalls of the minimum viable product (MVP!), and Social Media Today gives us an inside look at why video for social media is growing like a weed. Here are our 5 most popular articles and resources of the week:

FinTech Fundings: 14 Companies Raise $133 Million as Q1 Closes

The last week of the quarter closed with $133 million in funding and two acquisitions. Toopher was acquired by Salesforce and ReadyForZero by Avant. The sector remains red hot as deal flow seems to be as healthy as ever.
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The Tyranny of the Minimum Viable Product

It’s normal for trends to get overblown, and the “minimum viable product” is no exception. Jon H. Pittman gives us a sobering perspective on why the minimum viable product, in some cases, can be more detrimental than beneficial.
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Why Video Is Taking Over Your Social Streams

Content marketing is (still) hot, and video is quickly becoming the medium of choice among content consumers. This is much to the credit of social media functionality. Social Media Today gives us an inside look at the results content marketers are getting out of video campaigns. It’s no surprise online video marketing is growing like a weed.
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How to Discover Hundreds of Content Ideas (That Actually Work)

We all know that content gets you eyeballs, but what topics to cover still seems to be a never ending struggle. You can lock yourself in your office and conjure up ideas that are guesses at best, or you can gather hard data that tells you exactly what topics people want to consume. This article from the Infusionsoft blog provides a number of valuable resources for finding reliable content ideas.
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Tool of the Week: Google’s Mobile Friendly Test

Google’s upcoming algorithm update will penalize sites that are not mobile friendly. As a nice gesture to the developer community, Google released a simple “Mobile-Friendly Test” tool that let’s you know if your site is in danger of the penalty, in a matter of seconds.
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Rory Holland
Rory Holland
Rory Holland is CEO and Co-Founder of CSTMR. For more than 20 years, he has made it his passion to help Fintech and financial companies leverage digital marketing and advertising to drive growth.

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