Best of the Week: Issue 29

Best of the Week: Issue 29

LazyGet to work, you lazy bums

Just a couple weeks after shattering the FinTech landscape with a $1-billion funding round, SoFi is back in the news. This time, SoFi’s CEO Mike Cagney is dumping on FinTech entrepreneurs for not really doing enough to transform the industry outright. In short, he’s telling them to not just jump on the bandwagon.

A chip off the ad-block

Popups and fancy ads are going the way of the dodo bird thanks to the surge in ad-blocking software, which is estimated to have cost publishers some $22 billion this year. So how do companies get clients on board without actually advertising? The answer is good, useful, relevant content that actually catches the interest of the persona you’re looking to lure in.

Tyrion dies! No, I’m just kidding

If you’re like me, you eagerly tuned into each week’s Game of Thrones episode just to see what happens next. Take that idea and implement it in your marketing strategy by utilizing episodic storytelling – telling a story in stages to keep an audience coming back for more.

Armbar your way to success

Dana White may have built a marketing machine with UFC, but marketing specialists are the ones using metaphors to talk about how to do their job well. Try this one: a former judoka – not Ronda Rousey, sorry – outlines the ways in which B2B marketing is like judo, and he pulls it off as smoothly as a black-belt leg sweep.

Your move, Zuckerberg

With their bitter feud against Mark Zuckerberg now – hopefully – a distant memory, the Wiinklevoss twins are in the bitcoin business with Gemini, and they claim to be one of the safest places to buy and sell the cryptocurrency. In this interview, they outline four reasons why.

Until next week, rest assured we won’t troll you with fake spoilers. But admit it, that was funny!

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Jack Macy
Jack Macy is one of the co-founders of CSTMR. His background and experience span branding, marketing strategy, design, UX, and technical development across financial services, technology, healthcare, and nonprofits.

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