Best of the Week: Issue 15

Best of the Week: Issue 15

Everything old is new again

The concept of “user experience” is practically boilerplate in the marketing world, but its most recent incarnation in the digital age means a whole new UX mold is needed. Savvy entrepreneurs now need to know what internet surfers look for – and what catches their eye – when they’re exploring the web for products and services. This handy list of dos and don’ts helps you maximize the UX quotient in your website.

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em

The Fintech revolution is well underway but the idea is already becoming somewhat obsolete, writes Silicon Valley marketing expert Dan Glessner. Rather than pitting startups vs. the big banks, the industry needs to see FinTech 2.0  — a collaboration towards quicker innovation.

Hook, line, and sinker

A good fisherman knows how to hook the right fish – and the bait has everything to do with it. Likewise, smart content will catch the eye of potential consumers, if it’s done right. This three-step guide offers quick tips on how to maximize your ROI with cleverly written content and a well-planned call to action.

You can trust ‘em, pardner

Some like to call mobile payments, “the new Wild West of the digital age.” Like any expedition across a new frontier, fears and anxieties around security and practicality bubble to the surface. The same holds true for mobile payments, which means savvy Fintech executives need to need to convince users that mobile payments are actually safer than traditional plastic cards. Thankfully, however, there is a clear path to mobile pay adoption.

You can have your Cake and eat it too

The ever popular call, “Check please!” may soon go extinct if Cake, an ambitious mobile payment app, takes off. And chances of that happening are looking good because it’s nearly over funded on Crowdcube.  As one of the latest in the wave of new payment apps, Cake is an application that lets mobile users settle a restaurant bill with a few swipes of their thumb. They can even divvy up a bar tab straight through the app.

Until next week, keep practicing that John Wayne drawl, because that never gets old…

Rory Holland
Rory Holland
Rory Holland is CEO and Co-Founder of CSTMR. For more than 20 years, he has made it his passion to help Fintech and financial companies leverage digital marketing and advertising to drive growth.

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