Best of the Week: Issue 1

Best of the Week: Issue 1

FB payments, great UX tools, and the bubble

FinTech dominated the news this week with Facebook’s new peer-to-peer payment app and a proposition from Visa to the startup marketing community. Venture Beat also shed light on the current state of the sector by pondering the question, “Are we in a FinTech Bubble?” Here are our top 5 most popular articles and resources of the week:

Facebook Messenger Rolling Out Mobile Payments. Venmo Scared?

Facebook is one of the first “Big Players’ to enter the peer-to-peer payment space, and many are taking notice. With 500 million Facebook messenger users, the social Goliath is in a good position to dominate peer-to-peer payments.
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Visa Everywhere Aims to Harness the Startup Community

Visa is looking for new ways to drive digital commerce, reach millennials, and increase loyalty rewards. So what do they do? Proposition millennials in the startup community to come up with a solution. The move aims to open doors between the now “grown up” startup community and a well established brand.
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Are We In a FinTech Bubble?

FinTech is on fire (in a good way). Private FinTech companies raised nearly $3 billion in 2014. This has many wondering if we’re in a bubble, and if companies are being overvalued — maybe even a bubble within a bubble. Venture Beat skips the opinion piece and puts its finger on the pulse with some solid data on the current state of FinTech.
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Landing Page Optimization Guide You Wish You’ve Always Had

“Landing page design is not a game where you flex your own aesthetic prowess. It’s about connecting with the viewer and communicating value as quickly as possible.” This article provides valuable tools and techniques for connecting and communicating via landing pages, which ultimately boosts conversions.
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Inspectlet: Stop Guessing What Your Visitors Want

We’re loving Inspectlet. A tool that allows UX designers and conversion rate optimization experts to gather qualitative data on visitor behavior. It records video of every visitor that uses your site. This data provides valuable insights for difficult page layout and design decisions.

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