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How optimized are your marketing and advertising programs to meet your growth goals?

As a fintech marketing agency, we provide services and growth programs that help deliver customers and revenue to early-stage, emerging, and established financial services companies in lending, banking, payments, insurance, credit, investing, and more. Ready to scale? Need help optimizing or updating? Or looking to launch a new product or company? We’ve done all of that, and are ready to assist.

Digital Marketing Services
for Every Stage of Business

Grow & Scale

You’re looking for help to expand your market reach and scale your established business to higher levels of success.

Update, Modernize, and Optimize

You’re wanting to optimize your existing marketing and advertising program, and update (or re-build) your growth engine.

Go-To-Market & Launch

You are launching a new product or business to introduce to the market and need help getting there effectively.

We position your brand for long-term growth

…by translating your goals into a tangible, measurable marketing strategy foundation and plan. Building and launching paid media advertising campaigns, organic marketing programs, and web/mobile experiences are how we put that plan into action and help our clients find success to meet three primary business scenarios:

Grow and Scale

Your financial services company is poised for big success and ready to move to a higher level of growth, but needs strategic guidance and expert hands to help do it in the most effective, scalable way. We will work with your team to define your goals, gather the relevant data and inputs, and build a strategy aimed at scaling your business. Then we set to building all of the assets and putting all the requisite tools in place to execute our strategic growth plan. We launch through paid and organic channels, then turn to managing, monitoring, and optimizing the campaigns to maximize learning and turn those into sustainable, scalable outcomes over time.

Update, Modernize & Optimize

It can happen gradually over time, where your marketing program isn’t keeping pace with your business needs. Or maybe you’re presented with an opportunity for growth, but don’t have the marketing know-how or machinery to get there. We partner with a variety of financial services and fintech companies who need help resetting their marketing and advertising programs to meet new goals or market changes.

Starting with an audit of your existing activities and data, we help to lay out a plan for reigniting your connection with your audience — or reaching new ones.

Go-To-Market & Launch

New ideas, big pivots, and updated products need a way to enter the market effectively and stand apart as a fresh, better option. But many launch-bound ventures don’t have the requisite people or expertise in place to make it happen, and happen well. We’ve teamed up with established financial services companies to push new products and apps to market, as well as with startups to build a marketing foundation and introduce themselves to the world.

We begin with an analysis of your product or business, the market competition, and the audience. You share your goals and insights with us, and we build recommendations for not only a go-to-market plan, but the marketing foundation that underlies it. We build brand strategies based on your audience and value proposition, creative visual and messaging expression, and identifying a unique, interesting position in the market. We plan, build and launch paid media testing campaigns and a spectrum of organic marketing programs designed to support your goals. Then we help manage and grow your programs, and your reach, over time.

List of Digital Marketing Services

Below is a list of the core services we utilize for our financial services clients in order to meet the three business stage goals listed above. 

Marketing Strategy

  • Strategic Marketing Foundation
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Strategy
  • Customer Acquisition Strategy

Paid Media Advertising

  • Advertising Campaign Strategy
  • Media Buying & Management
  • Concept & Creative Development 
  • Testing & Optimization
  • Analytics & Reporting

Organic Marketing

Experience Design

Our Core Marketing Services

Free Marketing Consultation

Start by discussing your digital marketing outlook with CSTMR’s CEO, Rory Holland in a consultation call. We will share insights and guidance, and see if we are a good fit to help your organization grow.

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