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A high-quality business valuation service at a more reasonable price than large accounting firms.

Services Provided

  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Web Design
  • Content Marketing

Online Valuation Startup Establishes Brand, Identity, & Credibility

The Challenge

BizWorth provides certified online valuations for business owners and financial/legal professionals. Featuring a lower price point than large accounting firms, and a higher value than all alternative options, BizWorth offers comprehensive, credible, and easy-to-understand reports that uphold the highest NACVA professional standards.

BizWorth contacted CSTMR in the infancy stages of business development. Founders of Darby Finance and Darby Consulting wanted to test the market with this new concept without a major up-front investment and without ongoing monthly maintenance costs. As a venture of Darby Finance and Darby Consulting, BizWorth had the benefit of name recognition and credibility, but was up against large accounting firms and online-only services in the business valuation space.

BizWorth needed to:

  • Create a visual identity that aligned with their personality and purpose
  • Reinforce trust, credibility, and professionalism as a new name in the market
  • Make the valuation process more efficient without sacrificing quality or standards
  • Establish a strong brand presence
  • Build a secure, easy-to-use online platform for information gathering and payments
  • Carve out a beneficial niche in the market that occupies the most valuable space between large firms and online-only services.

While BizWorth had already developed Brand Guidelines and Target Market & Buyer Personas, the fledgling company needed to bring each to life in a way that was both affordable and effective.

The Solution

CSTMR provided one-on-one tailored guidance throughout the entire engagement. The design team worked closely with BizWorth to implement a visual identity that included a color palette, style elements, and a new logo. Once the visual identity was established, CSTMR moved forward with the website design, valuation report template, code development, Stripe integration, and building out a robust customer portal. 

The development team developed the site on WordPress and worked with third-party vendors to ensure the timely and effective launch of the website. Web editing tools were installed by CSTMR to make it easy for BizWorth to make changes in the future without having to pay for additional services. CSTMR’s copywriters worked closely with BizWorth and referenced the brand guidelines and market personas to develop effective copy and taglines for the website.

"I’m so happy with the logo. I don’t foresee us ever wanting to change it. It represents our brand more than what I could’ve hoped for."


Strong Identity and New Website Lead to Immediate Success

Since going to market, BizWorth has earned almost all of its business direct from the website and referrals with minimal ad spend. Due to the way CSTMR developed the site and client portal, BizWorth is able to make changes, add information, and keep the site up to date without having to pay an outside agency. As they continue to test the market and establish their brand, BizWorth is keeping costs down and growing at a comfortable pace.

Key Takeaways

Having worked with other marketing agencies in the past (with Darby Financial and Darby Consulting), BizWorth is thrilled with the partnership, support, and work provided by CSTMR and expressed these key takeaways from their experience:

  • “Out of all the marketing companies we’ve worked with, CSTMR is the best by far.”
  • “Jack and the entire CSTMR team helped us stay on-brand with good advice and excellent guidance throughout the process.”
  • “CSTMR was a true partner in every sense of the word. Went above and beyond to help us feel confident and hone in on our message. They were honest, gave good advice, and weren’t just out for fees. They actually care.”

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