Athena Advisory is a unique concept in personal financial management – an intelligent, personalized, secure, automated financial growth tool that takes into account your entire financial picture.

From an idea to a complete brand in just months.

When Athena Advisory came to us, it was with just an idea. The CSTMR team quickly went to work, driving past the obvious – everyone could use a little help managing their finances – and developed a brand built around a key insight about who we are trying to connect with: Those who are aware they need to take action to secure their financial future but feel intimidated, and end up taking no action at all.


  • Build a website from the ground up within 60 days
  • Establish a strong, distinct brand identity
  • Create a social media calendar and content library that positions Athena Advisory as the solution to help the everyday consumer with money management

The Challenge

By definition, the audience for Athena is “problem aware” but action avoidant.” As such, they aren’t seeking out our solution – and don’t respond to lecturing about how they should be better at managing their money. They’re younger, and don’t live to make money, it’s a means to their end goal of a comfortable, secure life. They want their finances handled; they just don’t want to do it themselves.


The solution was to build a brand presence that felt personal, reassuring, smart, and friendly. The Athena Owl was created and became our mascot. The website needed to match their mission, and be clear, easy to navigate, and helpful. Content writing, advertising, video, and emails followed the same brand voice, all working in concert to build a holistic brand presence for Athena Advisory. Media efforts were built around category entry points – life changes that finally move the intimated to take action; things like marriage, divorce, birth of child, a new job or a promotion.

"CSTMR was able to quickly grasp our value proposition, and then distill it into an amazing brand... They got us where we needed to be."


  • Clear, distinct brand voice, vision, and logo
  • Focused, differentiated value proposition
  • A scalable website that can grow with Athena
  • Creative assets designed to attract new users
And all of this in record time.


Increase in monthly registrations, year over year.


The Advisory Owl

Increase in monthly transfers, year over year.


Increase in organic web traffic in 2021

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