is a technology solution for patients and health systems that automates the payment process, relieving stress on both sides.

Curing patient payment pain. Quickly.

AccessOne relieves a major source of pain in America’s healthcare system – the lack of easy, intuitive access to payment options. By automating the majority of previously manual tasks on the health system’s end, and providing patients with a user-friendly, intuitive app to manage their bills, AccessOne is a cure for the pain of patient payments.


  • Pivot from traditional patient financing provider to a FinTech “payments” brand.
  • Drive immediate awareness of new capabilities.
  • Build a strong brand presence.
  • Generate new multi-million dollar deals.

The Challenge

AccessOne needed to evolve their brand presentation from a financing provider to a modern, accessible Fintech company – one that is equally welcoming to healthcare systems finance departments as well as the ultimate end user patients. How can a brand embrace both ends of the business spectrum and tell their story in a compelling narrative?

CSTMR AccessOne Redesign


Starting from ground zero, the CSTMR team developed an in-depth personality for the brand as well as a clear picture of the customers – both B2B and patients. What both sides were looking for was someone who understands them, their challenges, and the everyday realities of their work or their life. The resulting brand identity shared those values: friendly, accessible, compassionate, and innovative.

The brand was brought to life through a completely new website, a smart social media presence, an easy-to-use app, video advertising, and paid media including Google display, LinkedIn, and other vehicles. Additionally, CSTMR brought the brand into the physical world with trade show support and collateral materials.


The power of the revised brand and messaging helped AccessOne recently close an additional $300 million in funding. That speaks to the value of a brand.

The refreshed brand, voice, and aggressive marketing approach sets AccessOne up for successful growth.

By focusing the message and raising awareness of the potential advantages that health systems and patients can both gain from partnering with AccessOne, an environment is created to start closing sales. A unified, clarified brand presentation is the foundation for great things to come, making the patient payment process better for all.

One brand. Two audiences. Multiple channels. Easier access to payment options for patients. That feels better already.


Increase in monthly registrations, year over year.


Increase in monthly transfers, year over year.


Increase in organic web traffic in 2021

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"This new look, feel, and laser-focused messaging really sets the stage for our sales team to succeed."

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