Dear Santa: CSTMR’s Wish List for the Holidays

Dear Santa: CSTMR’s Wish List for the Holidays

Jack and Rory wrote Santa their very own wish list this holiday season.  Will Santa get this letter and grant them everything off their list?  Only time will tell, but we thought we’d have a little fun and send it out into the world here on our Finsights blog.  Maybe Santa’s a fintech guru who reads our blog?

Without further ado….

Dear Santa,

Are you knee-deep in naughty and nice lists and finalizing plans for your big night?  We know you must be a busy guy, so first things first:  thank you for taking the time to read a letter from our little ol’ digital marketing company. We’ll be quick so you can get back to doing your thing!

For the folks on our team, we’d like to request the following: 

For Jack – Can we give him a bigger snow shovel for all the snow he gets in Tahoe

For David – more coffee.  No wait, he doesn’t need any more of that…. How about a kitten?

For Brad – all the love and patience you can spread his way – he’s going to be a new Dad in a few months!

For  Traci – a fan, her home office is always hot!

For  Rory H – a large box to fit his big heart!

For  Mark – front-row seats to the Metaverse 

For Brendan – a year’s supply of Matcha, straight from Argentina.  

For  Whitney – extra time with her son who is normally away at college

For  Terri – a puppy.  She’s too clean and needs something to mess up her office so she can join the rest of the world with a cluttered desk.

For  Hollie – a day hanging out with Ant-Man (IYKYK)

For Rory B – Superpowers that make her invincible

For KG – a train ticket from his home in Portugal to visit Brendan in Madrid!

For Lucas – a train ticket from his home in Barcelona to visit Brendan in Madrid!
(Party at Brendan’s!)

For Alan – a can of crocodile repellent for when he goes to the beach (in Australia)

For Kari – endless supply of Napolese style pizza

All our writers, designers & strategists – peace, health and happiness this holiday season and beyond!

Lastly, we’d like to make a bigger request for your help in supporting our mission. Here at CSTMR, we look for clients who want to make a difference in the world through their fintech and financial services businesses. They do important things like help their customers improve their financial well-being, fund community-enriching small businesses, and expand access to better ways of managing money.  Can you please spread some holiday cheer & financial magic their way? 

Thank you Santa.  We wish you a happy holiday, too!

Jack, Rory & the CSTMR Team

Picture of Whitney Wingerd
Whitney Wingerd
Whitney is CSTMR's Head of Content & Social Media. She has two decades of experience working as an influencer, in digital and social media marketing, that she utilizes in guiding our Content marketing team.

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