Social Media Content Ideas for Fintech

Social Media Content Ideas for Fintech

What content should I be sharing on my social channels?

You already know the great benefits of an active social media presence. Social media promotes your brand’s awareness. It gives you a place to engage with customers. It can provide you with key insights as to what your target prospect is looking for, and it can help increase website traffic. The list goes on. You know you need to be there, but you may be asking, what should I put out there?

Coming up with a regular content schedule can be challenging when you have a lot on your plate. Nevertheless, planning ahead with a content calendar and some strong ideas will ensure success.

We know a couple of ways to help you stir up some ideas and to keep things fresh on your social channels:

Tutorials or quick tips

Do you offer a platform or service? A quick, helpful tip for your users to digest while scrolling through social media will be appreciated and keep them returning for more. Tips for existing customers are a good way to go since it helps your client base but also showcases a piece of what you offer. In fintech, sharing some quick financial tips with use of carefully curated hashtags is a great way to raise your impressions and engagement.

Scan your messages for ideas

Your DMs and comments can be a gold mine for future content. Chances are, you’re being asked questions that others are wondering about as well. If appropriate, answer publicly. This is a great way to not only curate content but also gain valuable customer insights. Positive feedback always works for a quick quote and share.


Everyone loves a good story. You can celebrate a happy client and highlight a good project by having your customers share their experience, which you can in turn share on your own social. Doing this humanizes you, your client and is showcasing your mutual success. Extra tip: Be sure to tag all of their social account names when you’re sharing on your own channels to help with engagement. If you are featuring them, they may push it out and share it with their own followers.

Reuse old content

When it comes to content marketing for fintech, reusing old content is a great strategy. Not everyone sees it when you post and when you have something of value to share, it’s worth re-posting it. The old wives tale that content has to be “fresh,” just isn’t true anymore. If you have something relevant to say due to a recent news piece or based on the time of year, by all means, re-share.

Hashtag holidays

Don’t be shy about jumping on the hashtag holiday bandwagon. It’s a perfect way to be seen by a greater audience. We like this 250+ Hashtag Holiday Calendar from for ideas. You’ll want to pick something relevant to you – but there’s something for everyone here including National Fintech Day (August 20)! And sometimes something generic is good for a way to resonate with everyone. Check out our own social channels to see some of the fintech-related hashtags we like to use.


There’s nothing wrong with doing a little research and seeing what competitors and others are doing online in your industry. A quick quarterly analysis of what they are doing can help inspire you to see what kind of content might resonate with your audience. Or ask us! We have ideas for you.

Create a series

You may have seen #MarketingMonday online before. What does your company do? Are you a lender? How about a weekly series about types of loans? Are you an investment firm? You could run with a weekly series defining the advantages of different types of investments. Whatever your genre is, search for a common theme and talk about it each week. Consider creating your own hashtag. It gives you something to aim for, and helps to educate your followers.

Feature your employees

Social media is all about connection. Showing that the people who work for your company are real helps to foster that personal connection.

Need some help to get you started? We’re on it. We can help build out your content and social media to help you achieve strong content that’s tied to your SEO, acquisition and overall brand strategy. We know fintech and the industry and we can help you achieve success.

Schedule a free consultation with our CEO Rory to learn about our content marketing and social media for fintech and financial services.

Whitney Wingerd
Whitney Wingerd
Whitney is CSTMR's Head of Content & Social Media. She has two decades of experience working as an influencer, in digital and social media marketing, that she utilizes in guiding our Content marketing team.

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