Money Madness Tournament Updates!

Money Madness Tournament Updates!

money_madness_logo_FHere’s some highlights of the Fintech Money Madness conference as we near the close of the first round:


Bento for Business making a strong push, but early favorite Venmo is looking tough to beat.

Stripe showing why they’re the number 1 seed in payments with a strong showing so far.

PayNearMe making an early statement as a force to be reckoned with.

– Poynt showing they’ve got game, looking to knock off #6 WePay.

Align Commerce blowing out YapStone, who has yet to score!


SmartAsset looks like an early favorite, and one of the best at rallying their fan base. But Nerdwallet isn’t going down without a fight.

Prism eyes an upset over BoostUp, but BoostUp is making a late run.

HelloWallet struggling to get votes, but lucky for them that OnDot is not on their game so far. Could be a squeeker.


SoFi looks to fly high right out of the game, staking its claim as the clear frontrunner. Let’s see if they can keep up the momentum.

ActiveHours is making an impressive showing, but powerhouse fintech firm, Kabbage is holding them off so far.

LendUp and Earnest were duking it out, but Earnest has taken a clear lead.


Acorns looks to wrap-up CircleUp handedly.

GradeMyAdvisor trails Nav, who has been remarkably strong in the first round. They are a company to watch in later rounds.

– In what could be a major upset, Crowdfunder is edging out #1 seed Motif with time running down.

Round 1 voting closes at midnight, 3/17. Round 1 winners announced 3/18…and Round two begins.

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