Fintech Money Madness: Who Made the Stellar Sixteen?

Fintech Money Madness: Who Made the Stellar Sixteen?

The votes are tallied! And the Stellar Sixteen starts now.

Round 2 ended with a flood of votes coming in at the last minute. Who benefitted from the late rush?

PayNearMe and Prism were the main beneficiaries…and it was enough to propel them into the Stellar Sixteen. Can their momentum be stopped? We shall see.

Most notably, #16 seed CrowdFunder busts into the round of 16 with a buzzer beater win over Plaid.

CrowdFunder gears up for a third round matchup against Nav. And from the looks of it, Nav will be attacking the rim every chance they get.

Nav With Authority
He took off from the free throw line!

The top overall vote getters through two rounds are Acorns, PayNearMe, Prism, and CreditKarma. Their opponents better take notice if they want to hang.

Here is a full rundown of the 16 teams still remaining:

Too Cool
Credit Karma
Level Money

The Stellar Sixteen is underway. Be sure to cast your vote today, and everyday until it concludes on March 24th at 8:00 PM EDT.Go here to vote now.

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