Best of the Week: Issue 37

Best of the Week: Issue 37

If you invest, they will comeballplayers

No, we’re not talking about baseball or playing catch with a ghost. But if you hear that ghostly whisper telling you to invest time and resources into content-marketing, you’d better listen up. It’s a booming customer acquisition channel. With a solid strategy in place you’ll see results. This is just one of the takeaways from this list of 35 content marketing stats that you need to know for 2016.

Blame Canada?

Sure, Canada is known for hockey, donuts, Jim Carrey and Mike Myers, but it turns out they’re also pretty savvy B2C marketers. Sing the South Park song all you want, but a new report finds that Canada is expected to outpace the mighty United States in B2C growth. And that’s no joke.

The great Amazon divide

Amazon has made a name for itself as an online retailer, and the go-to marketplace for third-party sellers. With the B2C market cornered, it’s turning its attention to B2B. Initially this may sound like good news for marketers who want to streamline their B2B sales channel, but it may actually pose a very difficult challenge.

Nice stunts, but where’s the money?

Shuffle along, Jackie Chan and Jet Li. Asia isn’t just big in population, economy and awesome action movies – it’s also skyrocketing as a place for P2P expansion. The P2P lending industry – which is now using online platforms to link borrowers and lenders for small sums of money – is being described as the “hottest action star in Fintech“.

Bring on the listicles!

It’s December, which means an abundance of lists. Some reviewing the year that was. Others making predictions for the future. For instance, a new Digiday report talks about the ripple effect of the ad blocking trend, and how it’s forcing advertisers to rethink the intrusive ad model. The article predicts, via a digital content CEO, that content will be the great differentiator in 2016.

Until next week, feel free to debate who’d win in a no-holds-barred smackdown between Jackie Chan and Jim Carrey. .

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Jack Macy
Jack Macy is one of the co-founders of CSTMR. His background and experience span branding, marketing strategy, design, UX, and technical development across financial services, technology, healthcare, and nonprofits.

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