Best of the Week: Issue 33

Best of the Week: Issue 33

Tortoise Hare BWIn FinTech, both the turtle and the hare win

If you’ve been hearing a lot about FinTech lately, it could be because there’s two different kinds of FinTech innovation. There’s the speedy kind that focuses on transactions and value exchanges to quickly meet user needs, and then there’s the slow kind that targets long-term investments, retirement savings, and debt-payment plans. Both have their own means to success.

They’re not just wasting their time

Those people you see surfing Facebook and Twitter may be checking out your business before committing to a purchase, according to a new report that finds 75% of B2B buyers are influenced by social media. Not only that, but there are different things buyers do at different stages of the sale when checking you out online, meaning you’ve got to really pimp out your strategy, FB page, website and all.

Wonder if Morse code is coming back?

Can you feel that buzzing? That’s haptic technology at work – the tech thingamajig that makes your watch, smartphone and game controller vibrate at given times – and it’s one of the newest tools in the user-experience strategy. That’s just one of the things behind a prediction that a full 10% of marketing budgets in 2025 will be spent on software and technology.

Everything new is old again

Forget about content marketing. It’s as passe as it is new. Sure, the trend has changed the way organizations see the marketing game in recent years, but at least one person thinks the lack of connection with customers in existing content marketing will ultimately be its downfall.

Put your money where the SEO is

Speaking of obsolescence, what about SEO? The big guys out there – Twitter, Facebook, Google – have been pushing ahead with tools to help marketers use data to target their market, and this means a major shift in the SEO landscape. And yes, this is about paid search.

Until next week, enjoy your newfound excuse to mess around on Facebook…

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Jack Macy
Jack Macy is one of the co-founders of CSTMR. His background and experience span branding, marketing strategy, design, UX, and technical development across financial services, technology, healthcare, and nonprofits.

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