Best of the Week: Issue 22

Best of the Week: Issue 22

No one’s above the lawhandcuffs-303207_1280

Fintech startups could steal – their words, not ours – nearly $5 trillion from the traditional bank sector. That’s simply a consequence of capitalism, but with the surge of these new financial players come real legal challenges and threats. Whether you’re a Fintech service provider or a client, you’ll want to know about these five legal threats for the biggest Fintech startups out there.

If you build it, Google will come

Thanks to the behemoth that is Google, link building can be a minefield especially if you’re new to the game. With content becoming a staple in overall marketing, and links being essential to a successful online strategy, there are many fundamental elements of link building that marketers and content developers need to know to stay on Google’s good side.

Move over, Sarah Connor

James Cameron had it figured out a long time ago – artificial intelligence will ultimately take over the world. You may not see a T-1000 knocking on your door anytime soon (we hope), but AI is already taking over traditional journalism and is in turn threatening content marketing as we know it.

Balancing act

The building of a mega menu in your website – whether mobile or desktop – involves a careful balance between not-enough and too-much. Master the best practices – especially in relation to SEO – of building a successful mega menu.

Pants on fire

If your marketing team tells you that they test everything before going ahead with a strategy, that’s a red flag. If they say their strategy is so sound that it doesn’t need testing, that’s an even bigger fib. Nothing’s a sure thing until it’s been tested first, and there are no excuses otherwise.

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Rory Holland
Rory Holland is CEO and Co-Founder of CSTMR. For more than 20 years, he has made it his passion to help Fintech and financial companies leverage digital marketing and advertising to drive growth.

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