Best of the Week: Issue 2

Best of the Week: Issue 2

Meerkat v. Periscope, FinTech Sandbox Free Data, and Community Bank Decline

While the twitter-verse got into a heated Meerkat v. Periscope debate, we wonder if mobile live streaming is just another social novelty we’ll soon forget, or a peek into the future of social content? Also, the FinTech Sandbox in Boston officially launched it’s free data for startups program this week, and Bank Innovation pondered the future of community banks. Here are our 5 most popular articles and resources of the week:

Meerkat vs. Periscope Pits Hollywood Against Silicon Valley

Just hours after Meerkat announced the close of its latest funding round, Twitter announced its own live streaming app, Periscope. The news sparked a frenzy of debates, along with an abundance of experimental live-stream sessions. Whether it’s a flash in the pan or not, the two apps have the attention of social media this week. We will be keeping an eye on how practical the new tech becomes.
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FinTech Sandbox Lets Startups Play With Data For Free

FinTech Sandbox in Boston, MA launched its six month program this week. The program gives participants access to data and APIs from a range of providers, including SIX Financial Information and Tradier, as well as data processing and storage services from Amazon Web Services. The program aims to speed up FinTech innovation by providing much needed data for early stage ventures.
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Is There Hope For Community Banks?

In response to the rapid innovation of FinTech, community banks are feeling the pressure and banding together to pool resources. This might only alleviate short term pressure, and small banks are likely headed for extinction. Bank Innovation put out a solid piece that addresses the issue.
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Browser Input Events: Can We Do Better Than The Click?

User input is holy feedback for every UX designer that is serious about their craft. Mobile screen technology advancements add layers of complexity to the way users interact with an interface. Dustin Kasten wrote a piece for Smashing Magazine that challenges UX designers to move beyond the click, and into the complexity of user interaction.
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32 Tools For Conversion Rate Optimization

Every great optimizer will tell you it is their methodology that matters. Great tools, however, facilitate the insights a great CRO needs to find costly leaks. This article over at is a comprehensive list of the best CRO tools currently available (we are using many of these for client projects).
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