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Recession? SMBs are looking for your help

Working capital becomes critical as the economy slows. How will SMBs find you?

When small businesses start searching for funding to get through tighter times or take advantage of emerging opportunities in a down market, why would they choose you over other SMB lenders? Are they even able to find you amid the noise?

We can help you stand out.

CSTMR (pronounced “customer”) is a financial services digital marketing agency with a proven track record of building brands and generating leads for SMB lenders. Schedule a quick call with our CEO, Rory Holland, to discuss how we can help you excel now and keep growing into the future.

Now’s the time to build your own leads

CSTMR has done just that for other SMB lenders, and we’ll do it for you.

We recently developed a campaign generating more than 700,000 qualified leads in just months for a national SMB lender – at a cost per lead far below industry standards. And when you build your own list, you own it. These are prospects who have expressed an interest in you and your lending solution.

Why should you believe us?

Our expertise in Fintech and digital marketing means you get a team that is ready to start from day one. We know SMB lending, we know sales, and we know digital marketing. Through focused, intelligent media efforts and creative, arresting messaging, we’ll help your business generate the kind of leads that produce results fast.

Case Study: Guiding SMB Borrowers to Success

CSTMR recently partnered with a nationwide lending institution looking to quickly launch and grow several new verticals. With the goal of providing PPP financing to thousands of businesses in need during the pandemic, this client successfully collected a significant number of leads and loan applications during the campaign period.

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How do you generate more leads during a downturn? Let’s talk.

5 questions to ask yourself

The fintech marketing experts at CSTMR have put together a few quick marketing benchmarks for you to assess below.

The industry average for U.S. financial services is $6401

Expert Tip: Stay focused on your targeted audience. Don’t waste money showing ads to audiences that aren’t in your customer base. Contact us to learn more.

1 https://hockeystack.com/blog/average-customer-acquisition-cost-by-industry/

The industry average conversion rate on Facebook is 9.09%.2

Expert Tip: Optimize towards  CPA (cost per acquisition) rather than CPC (cost per click) to make sure your ads are making you money. Contact us to learn more.

2 https://growthmarketinggenie.com/blog/facebook-ad-benchmarks-across-various-industries-2021

The industry average of organic search as a portion of total traffic for U.S. financial services is 19.3%3

Expert Tip: Roughly seventy percent of page views are the direct result of long-tailed keywords (phrases of more than 4 words)4. Contact us to learn more.

3 https://www.similarweb.com/corp/blog/research/business-benchmarking/financial-services-benchmarks-metrics/
4 https://www.wordstream.com/long-tail-keywords

The industry average for worldwide financial services is 2.9%.5

Expert Tip: When emails are personalized, the average click-through rate is 2.5 times higher6. Contact us to learn more.

5 https://www.similarweb.com/corp/blog/research/business-benchmarking/financial-services-benchmarks-metrics
6 https://v12data.com/blog/6-tips-to-skyrocket-your-email-marketing-click-through-rates/

The average social post engagement rate in financial services is 0.32%.7

Expert Tip: 63% of mass affluent consumers are actively looking at financial solutions (not necessarily banks) on social media8 Educational content sprinkled in with promotional content can reach that audience. Contact us to learn more.

7 https://www.rivaliq.com/live-benchmarks/financial-services-industry-benchmarks/
8 https://everfi.com/blog/financial-education/social-media-marketing-for-banks/

Are you seeing an opportunity for your lending business?

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